Overview of PayPal

With the rate at which PayPal has grown over the years, one would easily think that they have been around for decades. Well, they have been around for only 2 decades and it is hard to find a single person who has no idea about PayPal. The platform runs in about 200 countries of the world with around the clock customer support service to take care of any issues that may arise during transactions. Certainly, this is the kind of payment option that you want to trust your financial transactions with and they have never failed till date.

When it comes to making payments online, sending or receiving money, PayPal presents you with one of the safest and fastest options. Over the years, they have won the heart of hundreds of millions of users with their bespoke professional services. Once you are using this payment option, you can do any business with peace of mind. However, if anything goes wrong from their end, no worries, you’ve got their protection. Hence, this explains why players always crave for online casinos that offer this awesome payment option. Unfortunately, when compared with the other available electronic wallets like Neteller and Skrill, PayPal is not very popular among online casinos.

Using PayPal

Using PayPal is very easy. The process is just the same as other electronic wallets. First, visit the website, sign up and get your account ready. Talking about signing up, you only need an email address and a password. Afterward, you can add as many cards as you want. Once your account is funded, you are good to play on any PayPal online casino.

Mr Green; Party Casino; Winstar Casino; 888 Casino; Betway Casino; Paddy Power Casino; Spin Casino; Mansion Casino; Bgo Casino; Betfair Casino, etc. these are some of the online casinos where you can use this payment option. So far, these casinos have something in common. They are usually among the best online casinos. Also, there is likely going to be a UK license on such casinos. Hence, there is no doubt that you surely have complete peace of mind when you visit any PayPal online casino.

What you should know

If there is anything that you should know first, then it is the truth about PayPal. The payment option is completely safe; convenient and fast. Of course, you have nothing to worry about when making deposits. Even the slowest payment option only takes a few minutes. However, the concern is on withdrawals. Usually, it doesn’t take more than 3 business days. So, if it does then the delay is probably coming from your casino.

Using PayPal is almost free. Yes, that’s because you only get charged a little amount for transactions directly involving your card. However, for transactions coming directly from your linked bank account, it is free. Meanwhile, watch out for online casinos that do not offer welcome bonuses to players who make their first deposits using PayPal. Surely, you need to know so you get to make that decision on your own.


Indeed, PayPal is one payment option that does not need to be introduced to anyone in this modern world. With more than 200 million active account holders across various countries of the world, PayPal offers a safe; secure and fact means of online payments.

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